Sunday, April 02, 2006

Muddy Paws

I'm always kind of ticked off when I don't get my daily time at the dog park. Mom and dad just aren't the best at explaining to me WHY WE CAN'T GO. I know there is a reason - there MUST be a reason - but it never seems sufficient to me.

Lets see - the earth keeps turning, check... the sun rose, check... so that all means that life continues to revolve around me and that means I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO TO THE DOG PARK.

Today the excuse was something about rain. So what. A little rain won't kill ya. Even mom says that all the time to the crazy people here in the LA (did I mention she's from New York?). But of course no one knows how to drive here when it starts raining (another tip from mom).

Anyway all I know is that today the excuse went like this: It's raining Bogart, we can't go to the dog park because it will be really muddy... blah blah blah... there might not be any of your friends there... blah blah blah... it's so much warmer here at home in bed... blah blah blah.

Hoo-ey. If they won't take me to the dog park, then they'll still have to take me somewhere...

So it's off to the park behind our house. I intend to stretch this type of thing as long as possible so that my paws aren't the only ones getting muddy...


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