Monday, April 24, 2006

Bogart at Petco

Today I got to spend the day with mom - always fun - and of course this usually means that prize-winning photos of me will be taken.

Except for today of course, but I'll let mom tell the story - and the reason why there are no amazing new photos of me:

"We decided to go to Petco which is always fun for Bogart... he really loves to run around inside the store and give everything a good sniff. But today we did have a little issue. Right at the entrance of the store, just after we'd walked inside, Bogart decided to pee on the automatically-moving door. I thought for sure that would set off alarm bells or something around the store, so I quickly pulled him inside and began looking for their cleanup station. I only recently realized that they have these here - little areas with paper towels, poop bags, and such - but of course it makes sense. So while I was searching for the paper towels Bogart turned on his charm. Normally I love this, watching him "do his thing" and make everyone adore him, but I was looking for the paper towels to clean up his pee... Finally I found it (why is it all the way in the back of the store?) grabbed some towels and the cleanup spray and headed back to the front with Bogart. After doing a quick cleanup I noticed that Bogart was doing his special little dance while I was wiping.

He really does think that I'm his servant sometimes.

So we walked around the store looking for new exciting cans of dog food for him to try and he took the opportunity to pee on EVERY SINGLE CORNER of the store. At the end of every aisle, near every open bag of food, close to the treat table. So I spent far more of my time running around with the roll of paper towels (which I had by now hijacked as it was pointless to keep going back and forth each time he peed) than looking at the fat content on the cans (which is why we were there - Bogart needs low-fat foods now that he has pancreatitis).

And then of course - since it's Bogart we're talking about - he saved everything for his "big finish". He actually peed on a little girl who had come over to him and screamed in his face. I think she was just scared once she got close to him, and I had to pretend to reprimand him for his - ahem - outburst, but honestly the little crazy kid kind of asked for it. What do you expect if you scream at the top of your lungs in someone's face? A lesser dog would have tried to bite her, but not our Bogart.

He just peed all over her. That's CLASS."

So as you can see, yet another reason why I'm the jaunty gentleman.



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