Saturday, April 08, 2006

Morning of the Living Airedale

(see me in the background?)

My buddies. The coolest Airedales in the world. These are my friends from the dog park - I only get a chance to see them on the weekends and for the last few weekends I kept missing them somehow...


And mom was actually able to capture some golden moments when they weren't running around and were kind of posing!!!! The handsome boys are Kermit and Robin, the lovely lady is Jupie.

It's soooooo fun to play with other Airedales!!!



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Gwendale said...

Great blog! Just found it this morning, I love running into fellow Airedales at the dog park or beach. We know about four or five other Airedales at our parks here in St. Pete, FL.

Here's some pics of Gwen our Dale: