Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Well I must admit that I'm still not feeling back to my jaunty gentleman self yet, but slowly I'm getting better. I'm sleeping a lot and when I'm not sleeping I'm eating or pooping.


Part of the problem with my pancreatitis is that I didn't want to EAT or POOP because whenever I did either one of those things it hurt. I was listening in a bit when the vet was talking with mom and dad (when they picked me up - lets just say that I was a little over-excited and couldn't hear every little thing he said because I was just so happy to be going home) and he mentioned something about acid coming out of my pancreas and that was what was hurting so much... but hey, I'm an Airedale, why should I give mom and dad a clue about what's wrong? Shouldn't they just sort of know these things?

I've been going out for little jaunts with the humans - in between naps - and today they took me to the dog park in the morning which was CLOSED... how dare they do maintenance on it when I want to get inside??? I was inconsolable, no matter how much mom and dad tried to explain about the maintenance guy I just wouldn't have any of it. But since no one could unlock the big lock on the gate, I finally gave up.

We did pop in at the Grove for a little Airedale-Show-Off time and a quick sandwich at the Corner Bakery. Just a quick little trip, nothing fancy, just a little ego-stroking for me and some food for mom.

Later on mom piled me into the Beetle and we went to the supermarket - I've become quite a big fan of hanging my head out of the window as we drive and it annoys me to no end when mom is stupid enough to get herself stuck in traffic and there is no air moving around to flip my gorgeous ears back in the wind... still fun to go out though.

So little by little I'll be getting back into the swing of things, keeping my pancreas happy (who even knew I had something called a pancreas or that it would be such a pain to maintain?) eating my special food and mostly swallowing my new medication.

How am I feeling? One stump up!!!



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