Monday, April 03, 2006

Good Microbrew

Supposed to rain today, huh mom? Supposed to be no dog park today? Supposed to be able to sleep late, right mom?

Well surprise surprise... no rain. So we did get to cruise through the dog park and I managed to not hump anyone the entire time - amazing.

Since it turned out to be such a lovely day outside mom wanted to go get a little something for lunch. Outside, so she could bring me along. Well, of course I approve of such things and ran to get my leash. Dad decided to join us so it was a full house, everyone with their leashes (well mom carries this thing that looks like a leash but has lots of things inside... it's really heavy and she drags it everywhere... and she doesn't call it a leash, it's a bag or a purse or something like that...) and it was off we go.

We got to the Good Microbrew & Grill during lunch hour - lots of great, colorful people to admire me. A few even knew I was an Airedale, so extra points for them.

Turning on my charm...

I just don't know how it's possible for anyone to resist me...

Even I can't resist myself...

Something really great happened as I was getting all of the attention, one of the waiters brought over two huge red bowls - for me! - one with water and one with bones. I tried really hard to play it cool, to pretend that I didn't want to devour those bones, but it didn't last. Crunch crunch crunch. They were yummy. And the water is always refreshing.

Then it's back in the car - we've got housecleaning to do! - because mom says some very special people are coming to visit tomorrow. She won't tell me who and honestly I probably wouldn't understand anyway, so I'll keep you posted...



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