Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bogart at Puran's

Mom is lazy.

I don't care if it's Sunday... She didn't want to wake up this morning to take me to the dog park so dad had to do it alone. I got to see the Airedales and my buddy Buster the Pit Bull so I quickly forgot about her snoring at home.

She did make it up to me tho, we went out for lunch to Puran's in Los Feliz which always means fun people-watching. Actually in Los Feliz it usually means people-avoiding as everyone seems to be so wrapped up in themselves I have to be careful not to have a paw out on the street or risk getting stepped on! Mom of course has a theory about this, but as it's on the kind of mean side I'll just let you imagine.

We chatted with mom and dad's friend Steven who is just back from Mexico where he bought a whole ranch. It sounds like it's going to be such a great place but a lot of work... too much for my Airedale blood. Don't get me wrong I like working, but I'm more motivated by the tasty snack at the end...



See all of the photos of me in my tasty-morsel mode on my other blog:

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