Thursday, April 13, 2006

And the Winner is... Hookworm!

Well it appears that my recent intestinal distress is caused by a blood-sucking little nasty called a hookworm.

For those unfamiliar with these parasitic little bastards, just do a quick googling - every site seems to show the little razor-like teeth that they have. I'd been experiencing some loss of appetite and some pretty funky diarrhea, which is what alerted the humans that there might be an issue.

But oh lucky me, they're pretty easy to get rid of. Just some nasty granules that get sprinkled on my wet food 3 times a day for 3 days. The problem is that wet food just doesn't seem tasty to a young handsome dog with intestinal issues right now... so a bit of force-feeding was in order.

First trying the old hide-it-in-a-piece-of-cheese trick. Generally, this works. I have to give the humans credit for this one. The slice of cheese just looks so yummy all folded up with a special wonton center (the filling being, of course, whatever medication is required and not easily administered).

But with these granular packets it's not so simple. They fall out all too easily of a cheese pouch. And I can smell them - never a good thing when trying to trick me. Mom and dad have tried hiding the granules in chicken, cheese, several brands of wet dog food and - my personal favorite - cat food. All to less than stellar results.

So it's been best to force-feed me. I have to get rid of the intestinal evildoers. Then I can eat and poop with gusto again like the fine Airedale that I am. And for all the other humans out there - if your puppy that should have a cast-iron stomach has diarrhea (especially dark colored) and/or isn't eating with relish, bring in that stool sample for a checkup (and do us the favor, collect what we poop out rather than submitting your fine canine to the indignity of the poop probe!!!).

Love and intestinal fortitude,


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