Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pirates of the Elysian (Park, that is...)

I can't believe it. In this heat, mom actually woke up on the early side. It's incredible, and unprecedented. And it only took one good jump (I generally jump onto her in the morning for my Airedale wake-up-call as well as do a generous face slurping) to wake her up instead of several, I was impressed.

So we went out for our morning romp where I could take care of some business... and I smelled something. No, not that something (I wasn't downwind of my poop). It was something intoxicating.

There are many small holes in the park. I've given them cursory glances before and even a sniff or two, but that's as far as it ever went. I never even knew that there could be something interesting in there before this morning... But then I caught that whiff.

My terrier ancestors came roaring to the forefront of my brain. I began to dig - a crater, I tell you! - and dig, and dig, and dig until I uncovered a vast catacomb of tunnels, one larger than the other, some that led only to dead ends and others that slowly merged one into the other... I placed my advanced nasal locator deep into those holes and breathed in deeply, over and over again, until I could be absolutely sure that the treasure buried there was within a paws reach. Triumphant, with virtual paws raised in the air, I brought my quarry into the light...

It was a dead gopher.

Mom squealed and tried to tear it away from me, but it was my booty, I had earned it fair and square, and I was not going down without a fight. The gopher, however, did go down without much of a fight as it broke into pieces while in my powerful jaws as I tried to elude the machinations of mom.

As you can imagine this was a true epic in the making - and as thus, mom wasn't able to take that many pictures as she was a key player in the drama. A few have been provided for your (hopeful) amusement.

We actually went toward the dog park afterwards and I got to see my Airedale buddies because we met at the car... and mom decided that with all of this newfound (and highly unusual) energy we should go for a walk instead. Which was lovely, actually. Time for more (heat-induced) sleep.

ARGH, matey...



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