Friday, July 14, 2006

Duck Off!

Today we got in the car - I thought to go to the dog park or for a walk around the reservoir - but then mom made a strange turn. I thought, hm, ok, where is she taking me now?

But then we stopped at the Echo Park lake. She wanted to show me the lotuses! Apparently this lake has more lotuses than anywhere else outside of Asia. They even had a festival for them last weekend (I couldn't go, too many tasty distractions).

So I gingerly took a look. I'd get pretty close to them but those suckers are BIG! And they move because the water moves! There were a few people taking photographs of the lotuses and they stopped and started taking pictures of me... of course not at my finest moment, but when I was poking at the lotuses with my nose, unsure of what they were. But everyone was smiling and heck I was getting some attention so I was happy.

Then I saw something coming toward me. It waddled. Then as it got closer it slipped off of the side of the concrete into the water and swam away. My first duck! Boy was I transfixed. I couldn't stop looking at it.

And then there were more! They were actually standing on the sidewalk when mom and I were walking by, and when we got close they'd make all sorts of noise and jump into the water. Kinda cranky if you ask me, and I'm pretty sure that there was some sort of historical impulse in me that was thinking about making duck stew...

But it was a lot of fun - nice to go somewhere different for a change! But still so h-o-t....



See all of the ducking fabulous photos on my other blog:

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