Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How Do You Spell Lazy?

Yep, it's spelled M-O-M.

I can't blame her too much - it's been incredibly hot here, and she's taking care of dad, the cats, and me - and so far she's been basically performing up to my expectations... walking first thing in the morning with minimal jumping and face licking, then a longer walk around the lake so that I can watch the ducks, leaving my fuzzy butt alone for awhile while I commune with the fan, generally taking me out somewhere for lunch or general show-off, then more pee walks, making sure that the food arrives at my specified intervals, required grooming and treat times, some running in the park with my Homer Simpson flyer... just the usual.

So ok, maybe she's not exactly L-A-Z-Y... perhaps a better way to phrase it is "leaves room for improvement".

Now here's REAL laziness - every morning this sprinkler goes on and does THIS. It doesn't move, it doesn't spray anywhere else, always just right into the trash can. Go figure.



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