Sunday, July 16, 2006

Barkback Mountin' Part Deux

I am very in touch with my - ahem! - manly side.

Long-time readers may remember this photo of my very first hump around Christmastime, and yes that's my buddy Sneaky. Indeed he has a fine butt, and I do like 'em big and manly. It was literally the very first time that my hormones kicked in, and well, I was then kickin' it with Sneaky. Good times.

Today was the first day I'd seen Sneaky since then. As you can see, I've grown considerably since last we humped.

And yes, I found him as absolutely irresistable as I did last time. Much to his chagrin.



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kelly barton art + design said... SNEAKY devil.

come meet delilah....she just got