Saturday, July 01, 2006

If It's Not an Airedale, It's Just a Dog

Thought I was going to miss seeing my Airedale buddies today because I had to go to the vet... when we got in the car I was sure that we were going straight to the vet with no fun for Bogie... well, I was wrong! I knew something was off when we went straight down Sunset instead of turning.

I did get to see my Dale buddies briefly - they had already been frolicking and were now on their way home - and mom gave her friend this cool Airedale sticker (you can get them on ebay) while I was wiggling my butt and saying hi to my favorite Dales. Then mom's friend gave her the coolest tile that she made! It's the Mona Lisa holding an Airedale, ok how cool is that???

Mom has such TALENTED friends, I feel so cool...



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