Monday, December 12, 2011

Ah, the Golden Hour approaches, and we are going to be in the right place at the right time for some superb Dale photography...

This is the new Race St. Pier here in Philadelphia. What was once a crappy old pier is now an urban park with super-cool vistas.

So come along with me - I've got a nice big stick for us - and lets explore!

On my left is the Ben Franklin Bridge. Busy, noisy, but damn it looks cool from this vantage point.

Lots of trees = good. Not being allowed to pee on said trees - not as good. But fine. I have a stick to distract me.

Yes this is a civilized urban park, and doggies are allowed. Even off of the end of the pier...

All the better to pose majestically, my dear.

And stare wistfully off into the distance toward beautiful Camden, New Jersey.

With no people around, the opportunities for Airedmiration were few. Not that I didn't try.


Really, all of this posing is getting a bit silly mama. Although I am thoroughly enjoying barking in a spot where my mighty bark reverberates like crazy. I think even the folks on the trains above me can hear.

Handsome, eh?

Yeah, I'll toss out a few model-esque poses for you.

And one with my ear fuzz whipping in the wind.

So this si where I'm going to briefly explain the lovely golden tones in my yes normally quite dark tan fuzz but today even especially so. This is the "golden hour", the last hour of sunlight, a time when the sun makes me look especially tall, dark, and handsome.

Not that I have the patience to deal with this - being a model is ridiculously hard work, after all - but there it is.

Really, mama? STILL HERE? Still laying on your back taking photos of me?

Ok, one final truly majestic one:

I am quickly losing patience with you, mama. See that train? I'm gonna let loose a howl that will wake 'em all up if we don't move on soon.

Fishing? Really? You humans are funny.

But see how the quality of light has changed dramatically in only a few minutes?

Not that the quality of DALE has diminished, nor has the quality of this fine stick.

I like the Pier. It's cool. And dog-friendly. We shall return.




Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Fabulous Pier walk! (Mom says she never heard beautiful and Camden in the same sentence...Not sure what that means.) You are so lucky that your mommy takes you for such fine walks. And she always supplies you with a stick too. What a gal! Have a good week.
Smooches from pooches,
BabyRD & Hootie

Stanley said...


My girl was entranced by the golden hues of your gorgeous coat. She wished I looked half as good as you between groomings.

Also, love all the bootiful vistas that pier provides. I hope one day to join you there on a little photo shoot. Whatdya say? Think we'll break the camera with double the gooberosity and good lookin' Dales?

Goober love,