Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Xmas Card Fiesta!

WOW! Today I got 7 CARDS!!!

Everything in the mailbox was for meeeeeeee! Mom said she was happy that there weren't any bills for her but I just think that she's jealous that all the mail was mine.

Today I got cards from Cubby and Dakota, Freda Shepherd, Isabella the Poodle, Simba, Holly & the Furry Five, Boo and my newest Airedale crush, Maggie!!

Maggie's mom made me the COOLEST Airedale ornament to put on my tree, so I insisted that mom do that for me RIGHT AWAY so I could see how great it looks!

Of course a Christmas tree isn't complete without presents... and while I'm still working on finding a box big enough to mail myself to Miss Sunshade I did think of you today my dreamgirl...

I was out late, it was my last peepee walk of the night. Strolling with mom, mostly just wasting time and leaving a few calling cards for any evil critters who might think of coming anywhere near my apartment building.

And then I saw it... perfectly shaped, a good size for carrying with you (for the "girl on the go" as it were) I saw a fantastic pine cone that I knew that my dreamgirl would LOVE. I scooped it up gently in my massive jaw and pranced gaily back home. Mom was surprised that I was actually running to get back INSIDE the house as I'm usually running to get OUTSIDE the house, but she didn't see my prize.

But once inside I found the Christmas tree - MY Christmas tree - the one with the beautiful new Airedale ornament, and gently placed the pine cone at its feet. I looked at it, thinking of my dreamgirl, and was happy thinking how much she would love this!

More Bogart Xmas Cards!

What I didn't know is that mom found a pine cone too and snuck it inside in her jacket - she rolled it to me and I put it next to the other pine cone. So now it's kind of like the one pine cone for my dreamgirl Sunshade, and one pine cone for my new Airegirl friend Maggie!

So ladies..... HERE'S TO YOU!

After all of that excitement, I was content to check out all of my cool new cards from all of my great doggie friends, and drift off to doggie dreamland.

Your ever lovin' man (I do love my Aire-ladies),


To Aire is Divine


Deanna said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot tonight!

Sunshade said...

OHhhhhhhh..... Bogie, I never thought a handsome brute like you can be sooooooo charming?? My legs got all noodley reading the post. I could hear my own heart beat and my chest was going up and down up and down.

I can't believe you picked that PERFECTLY shaped pine cone up all by yourself without crunching it down... OH OH OH.... you were thinking of me weren't you that's why you picked up the pine cone...

I LOVE your boootiful little Christmas tree with the boootiful Airedale ornament made by Maggie's mom and the boootifully shaped pine cones. Oh my, I'm rambling, and Miss Sunshade never rambles....

I don't think I could have asked for a better Aire-man. I love you LOTS!!!

All my love to my Aire-man,
Miss Sunshade

Sunshade said...

Hey handsome, me again,

Just want to let you know that I'll be stealing pictures of you and the pine cone and your little tree off your page!!


Your dreamgirl,
Miss Sunshade

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Hey Bogart,

That's a cool tree you got yourself there. Mum says she doesn't think she's going to get a tree this year as she doesn't trust me not to destroy it. What's all that about? Just cos I ate most of the plants in the garden & can't keep my mouth off much, doesn't necessarily mean I'd do the same to a lovely, sparkly, shiny tree. Have a word with her for me would ya?

The pine cones look great. Good foraging. We don't get many of those round my way, so guess I'll have to stick to picking up rubbish (that's garbage to you my American buddy!)

Oscar x

Molly the Airedale said...

You have your very own tree and the ornie looks just lovely! Blue is for boys, ya know, and you're sure one handsome boy. Stay very, very good and you'll have LOTS of presents under that tree!

Love ya lots,

Simba and Jazzi said...

I got my card, you really are a handsome devil.

Simba xx