Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hanging with Heidi

I know I haven't been that prolific these days... honestly as much as I'd like to place the blame squarely in mom's lap, it's not all her fault. I've been so busy helping dad!

Each day we wake up early and head over to what I am now calling Mt. Kehoe Athletic Club (previously known as Kehoe Mountain) for some exercise, some work, and some play.

Most of the work is done by the humans - as it should be - for a young muscleman like myself I do have to work on my physique.

Heidi (the Boxer) has basically been helping to keep me in shape - my personal trainer if you will - by encouraging me to run up and down the backyard hill as much as possible. She'll nip at my heels to make me run faster, try to steal my stick out of my mouth to increase my agility, and then help me build my strong shoulder muscles with some enthusiastic digging.

After the workout, it's time for some play. Heidi and I now have a pretty good system worked out for manipulating the humans to do our bidding. This has resulted in many yummy treats and some extra stick-throwing by the hapless humans. Good times.

You can't really see too much of my spiffy new haircut in these photos (thanks Dad), I'll try to put up something better asap.



To Aire is Divine


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a boxer to keep you in shape! You're going to make Sunshade's heart go pitter patter. You devil, you.

Fu Fu said...

Hey Bogart, You're in a pretty good shape already now. You still need to work out? Are you working for a 6 pack? hee

~ fufu

Life with Ozzy said...

Nice pics Bogart. It looks like you and Heidi had a great time. I'm a bit jealous quite honestly. Wish I had someone to go play with and become my own personal trainer.

wirey hugs,

Sunshade said...

Well if Heidi is creating a 6 pack in MY MAN, then I guess I'm ok with that....... just remember, BoxerDALES is NOT a great breed.... AT ALL!!

Keep working on those muscles, I love a big brute like you muuuu-ah!

Your dreamgirl,
Miss Sunshade