Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sun Sun Sun Till Your Mama Takes the Stick Away

That large yellow ball in the sky is visible today - I've almost forgotten what it looks like - and we are all out and ready to explore!

This is the first day of 80 degrees since last September here in Portland. So we're all a little summer-crazy.

Along the Eastside Esplanade, I spotted the stick of my dreams. Yes it was floating in the stinky Willamette River. Yes it would be rather impractical to carry home. BUT I WANT IT - a boy can dream.

Everything is so very green from all of the monsoon rains we've had lately - and today I get to enjoy it.

Just a handsome boy in the city...

Every time we come here I try to find different places to walk and new things to see. I am a very visual canine.

This little boy found a snake, and I was intrigued.

Just a garter snake, but it was pretty cool to look at. I'm sure I wouldn't be happy if it was in my house, but in the great outdoors, and with someone else holding it, it was neato.

My normal paw soaking area was literally under water! With all of the rains we've had, the water levels have risen. No worries, I can still soak my hot paws.

And of course, stop to pose majestically.

The water is grungy, but it's cool and feels good. And there are so very many sticks here!

No I don't want to go yet! And I'm going to let everyone on the east side of the river know!


Notice the guy in the blue shirt in the background - he was stunned by my dulcet tones and my perfect pitch. Not to mention the amplification of my big boy bark at top volume!

The result of 15 minutes in the Willamette:

And the piece de resistance...




violett said...

Oh Bogie, you are a wonderful, dear und crazy boy.
I love to get to know adventure also Portland by your pictures.
Kisses of Mischka

Wyatt said...

Hi Bogart-

What a good singer you are! We had no idea, the depths of your talent.
WooHoo for the sun. It's about time.