Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday... In the Park...

I think it was some day in September... (not July as the song in your head may now be singing).

Saturday mornings require bagels as fuel. The Bogcedes requires gasoline, I require pumpernickel. And since there are chores in my near future, make sure I get a whole one, ok?

I stop at all of the local stores to check out their water bowls, you know, make sure that they are up to "code". This one always meets my standards.

Yep, fresh and tasty.

Have I ever showed you the William Wegman dog bowl here in the Pearl District? Dedicated in 2002, it's supposed to look like his kitchen floor with a dog bowl in the center.

The bowl has water that bubbles up from below, but generally the water level is substandard. Dribbly might be the best way to describe it. More often I'm tempted to pee on it than actually drink from it. Now if they would pump a little more water into it, it would be AWESOME.

Chores got us both down today. It was unseasonably hot. We were cranky. So we walked up to the top of Mt. Tabor for a little clarity, and well, shade.

Dirty bowl does not necessarily equal unsavoryness to me. Bowl cleanliness - while important - is sometimes trumped by my desire for WATER, NOW.

After some serious cone time, the 'stache gets extra tasty. Fresh water, semi-dirty water, who cares?





Inky and Molly said...

nice tongue that...


OMD! That's the biggest tonque we ever seen! Yikes! it bigger then Star!!! I'm glad we are friends an not enemies or you could slurp her up!

Grrrrreat picture. We gotta go now and pick mommy up. She is on the floor having a some kind of an attack! We don't knowwhat it is but she sounds like a hieena!

Someone call 911!!!

Riley and Star