Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reuse, Recycle, Re-art

Time to expand my horizons a bit... on a lovely day in September. Lots of rain and grey-ness this morning, but now it's sunny so it's time to WALK. Lets hit the east side of the Willamette, shall we?

Apparently there has been some public art-ification of the east side esplanade. Perhaps it's just happened, or perhaps we missed it's big unveiling. No matter, I'm just curious anyway.

Oooh... MONEY!

I do sense a theme going on - something about trash and reuse - a popular theme here in Portland.

I am personally thinking of re-using this grass to keep my tummy happy. So I'm doing my part, ok?

Some of the artworks were quite lovely.

Even as we weren't entirely sure what they were about.

I also added a bit of my own personal touches to the artworks. Notice how I carefully place some of my special aroma near another money-covered trash can. All in the name of art, I tell you!

This box says: In one year the average American will produce 200 cubic feet of trash.

These were quite clever - mama and I liked these the best.

They are pinwheels, spinning in the wind.

Made of old albums. Pretty cool, eh? If we still had a yard, we'd make some of these.

Then there was this - by a relatively well-known Portland artist. Not too sure what to think. Not really intrigued, other than to give it a quick sniff.

But wait - what is that off in the distance?

I was really hoping that it was the worlds largest pine cone. Now THAT would have been impressive. But no, it's some sort of large urban tumbleweed.

We do love to look at art, and this was at least interesting. And unexpected. And fun to pee - near.





I tink that was his house. Ya know, Artsy hoomans are kinda different. Daddy says that mommy is reeeel different!

I hope that's a good ting?

Riley and Star.

Dawn said...

Looks wonderful Bogart! Thanks for sharing the lovely art!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Bogart! An Art Walk! We love art walks!!! That urban tumbleweed looks sinister and do be careful which of the green stuff you eat! Some of it looks really hard and prickly. (But those trees would make convenient pee targets in our neighborhood. Too bad they don't produce pinecones, huh?)

Enjoy your walks. We do!
Love ya,
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Mack and Sally Ann said...

You are a very artistic Airedale.
Sally Ann

ScrapsofMe said...

We have some 'art' like that in Tampa too, exploding chickens, beer cans statuary, etc. Some of it was very expen$ive for the city to purchase. I suppose it is enjoyable, a least most of it gets a laff....a lot of it gets used for spreading pee-mail as it's plopped down in grassy bits around the city.

I enjoyed your art tour.

Kali said...

We loved all of your art pictures Bogart.

Mom liked the fake flowers.

Kali and Rumer

Anonymous said...

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Doctor Dre said...

Hi Bogie!

How are you & mama doing? we are good. miss you guys.
love the sidewalk art. portland is pretty cool like that.


Moco said...

Good efforts at recycling. We always like to see what a creative person can do with what is otherwise trash.