Sunday, September 06, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Well looky here. In a window of an art gallery, there is a lady artist making music. We heard it from our place, and had to check it out.

All of the people on the street seemed to think it was really cool, but it bothered my ears. So I would, of course, bark.

Mama thinks this was part of the TBA Festival (time based arts), but since we didn't have a program with us, we weren't sure exactly what was going on. I do know that the sound continued until way past 10 pm which continued to bother my ears.

Hey mama, I know you like to be all artsy-fartsy and all, but this is bugging me. How about I bark a little bit louder so that you have to try to explain to all of these other artsy-fartsy people that I'm just singing along?

Works like a charm.





Hi Bogart,

Good for you! Our mommy is Artsy too and it drives us crazy!

She's always creating something when she should be playing with us!

And she Fartsy alright, but no buddy knows cause she soaks herself in Channel #5! Atleast we know what's go'n on in the world!

You have our simpaty.

Riley and Star.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

OOh Bogart your so handsome!!!
Love ya, Bambi and Fern