Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Forest

Saturday morning. Portland. Fall. Yet it's still really warm. And sunny. What to do?

Pick up a trusty stick - not just any stick will do - it's gotta be IMPRESSIVE

And rather than let your mama decide which way to go, just start running in the direction you want to go. If your mighty speed doesn't do the trick, you can count on passers-by smiling and commenting on your incredible cuteness to distract your mama. Then run like the wind!

To the forest, of course. On a hot day, it's nice to be outside - in the shade.

But do not let your mama take the stick away. Make it a reoccurring theme.

Oh, this way? (notice the continuing stick theme)

It is important to be sure to choose your stick wisely - large enough that everyone can see, but not so heavy that it gets annoying to carry it around.

Because there really are only so many times that mama will pick it up. Unless you make this face:

Or this one:

Maybe this one:

Or if it's getting serious and you really want that stick one more time, bust out this one:

Just a little free Dale advice.

Forest Park is really lovely. So green, a running stream that I can drink from and wet the paws in, and an awfully nice trail.

Amidst all of this natural beauty, do check back every once in awhile to make sure that your mama is still there. It's tougher for the 2 leggers than it is for us with the 4-wheel drive.

Ah, but it is beautiful.

But back to the important things.


All of the hiking makes me thirsty. Remember this great fountain?

Well what we somehow never noticed before is that rather than me having to get onto my hind legs and drink like a human, there is a doggie-level hole in the bottom.

Silly us.

Cool, refreshing, AND at doggie height. AWESOME.

Here is something odd that we noticed on the way home - yet another thing that we somehow have walked past many times and didn't notice. A great philosophical question indeed - Which came first, the hydrant or the tree?

You keep thinking about that. I'm off to grab a bagel.




Noah the Airedale said...

Bogie, you're full of good advice today. Thanks on the tip about the sticks.

Noah x


Hi Bogart,

You did it again! Grrrreat post! We just love you!

See ya soon!

Riley and Star.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Bogart, I think your Mama is so go at putting on pictures on your blog!! She gets great shots of you!! If I were to put lots of pictures on my blog it would take me hours. How many hours does it take her????
Love you Bogart, Bambi & Fern
PS You have not come to see us in a long time!!!!!

Scout 'n Freyja said...

We think that you have such lovely places to take a walk and that your momma is a furry good momma to take you on such lovely and interesting walks!

Domi, the therapy dog, has passed to the Bridge this weekend. Our blog contains her last letter to her friends. Please come to visit. It would mean so much to our momma and then go to Domi's blog to offer condolences. Momma is crying a lot today.

Sherry said...

You know what they say--bark softly but carry a big stick!
Alanis & Miro