Friday, May 12, 2006

Why Batteries are so important

Today I spent part of the day with mom because dad had somewhere to go... so we drove over to the Grove for a place to walk around and sit and have lunch.

You wouldn't believe how incredibly cute I am - well I must be, as every person walking by was smiling at me and saying how cute I am. True, of course, but always nice to hear.

And what exactly was mom doing while all of this adoration was happening? Nothing. Just standing there smiling like an idiot. Talking about me (ok, this part was acceptable) but not taking a single picture. In fact, many other people were taking photos of me... BUT NOT MOM.

When I looked at her at one point to ask - hey, what's up with the camera? - she just shrugged. Her battery is dead and it's apparently rather expensive to replace. I don't care about such things, all I know is that when the masses are crying out for more Bogart photos, THEY'RE GOING TO GET 'EM.

I'll work on her tonight to get those batteries in any way I must... so more photos soon.



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