Monday, May 22, 2006

Out, Out, Damned Foxtail!


So it was a foxtail that had made it's way into my paw after all. Mom and dad took me to the vet this morning and then things got really hazy... when I woke up a few hours later my paw had been bandaged and I was feeling a little woozy.

So here is my PSA about Foxtails: Foxtails seem to be really common here in LA (the vet even had a special charge for them on mom's bill so you know they must see a lot of these damn things). They're prickly and manage to get stuck in my paws of velcro a lot, usually I either chew them out or mom or dad plucks them off but basically they're just a huge pain in the ass - ahem, I mean paw.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Then mom came to get me and I nearly broke down the door! Strangers were saying to her "wow, your dog really loves you" to which I jumped on mom even more (to make her feel good of course, but in reality I was just soooo happy to get out of there). They handed her a large lampshade-like thing (the mythic Elizabethan Collar) and told her to put it on me. Uh... where do you think that thing is going on me???

So I won that battle and we drove home. Now I'm going to have a nice sleepy-sleep and will hopefully be able to pose for those glamour shots tomorrow.



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