Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Horse is a Horse of Course of Course...

This has actually been quite the full day for me... on my *hopefully* last day of sock-confinement. Tomorrow morning I've been warned that we're heading back to the vet to have the bandage removed, and if all goes well, I should be ok after that.

No more socks. Paws crossed.

I had quite the great surprise this morning at the dog park because THE AIREDALES were there!!! Apparently mom knew they were coming (they're only at the dog park on weekends usually) but kept it as a surprise for me. Boy, was I surprised! I was running around, squealing like a little piggie with excitement to see them. I wasn't allowed to play as much or as roughly as I would have liked because of my stinkin' paw, but it was still kind of fun.

So for the afternoon walk we waited until a little later than usual - it's freakin' hot here in LA today - then went for a mini-walk instead of the usual long one AGAIN because of my stinkin' paw. But it was really interesting...

There is a house where they have horses outside that I can go up to. Behind a fence, of course. Whenever they stomp their feet I get a little nervous. Can you see how big these things are? They're huge and I suddenly feel really short next to them. Mom and dad were giving them carrots (the big guy is named Valentino and there is another lighter one named Pegasus) which they really loved. I myself don't see the allure of the carrot, quite honestly I don't think it would make a very good snack, but they seemed to like it so if a creature can get THAT BIG eating carrots then there must be something to it. I guess.

Time to crash out now before dinner!



See me being downright nay-borly with the equines on my other blog:


Kim said...

Gracie LOVES carrots!!! Almost every dog I've ever owned thinks they're a great treat - especially the "baby" carrots. :-)

Bogart said...

I'll have to try one then! I had no idea that I'd even be interested, but if the lovely Gracie like's 'em then I've got to try it!!!