Sunday, May 28, 2006

It's the Only Way to Live... In Cars

No dog park for me today... grumble grumble grumble... since yesterday's little bandage incident I haven't been allowed to really run free to much which is making me cranky.

Mom and dad seemed to sense the crankiness and so we took a longish walk this morning behind our house. I heard lots of noise, music, booms, and so we looked over and saw that there was a car enthusiasts gathering going on! Hey, that looks pretty cool, lets go over there...

The cars were like no cars I've ever seen before. The colors were all wild and the shapes didn't look like cars...

(I should clarify - for the majority of my life I have travelled in mom's VW New Beetle so to me THAT is what a car looks like).

And the cars could jump higher than me! I got a little freaked out when they started to jump around, but soon I found it fascinating.

Lots of people BBQing as well (which definitely intrigued me more than the cars, which were really intriguing on their own) so it was time to drag my butt home. But I did enjoy myself while it lasted, and I'm happy to say that the bandage is still in place...



See all of the car-tastic photos on my other blog:

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