Friday, May 19, 2006

Bogie Eats!

I don't understand it, the latest fascination that the humans have with my eating habits.

I should explain. I've never been a big eater. I know that puppies are supposed to eat like little machines, everything in their site, even eating until they get sick from eating so much - and then eating that. But I'm not the average puppy.

Mom and dad tried everything, so on this part I really can't fault them. Every dry food and canned food out there, from the smelly supermarket stuff to the exclusive pampered pooch kibble. They cooked for me, they fed me raw food... and I just was never hungry and didn't eat much.

According to mom and dad, that little time I spent at the vet hospital for pancreatitis solved a lot of issues. I still hated every minute of it, but if it helped... then I guess it was a good thing. I'm not allowed to have any human food anymore because it makes my panreas angry (and you really don't want to get my pancreas angry). But - I'm eating now! Somewhat voraciously! I show interest! I've discovered that I'm a huge fan of Science Diet's Sensitive Stomach crunchies that mom bought thinking that I might need something easier to digest. What? They're good for me AND I like them? I need a drink...

But you know, mom and dad, the more I eat the more I poop...



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