Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday in the Park with Bogie

Yet another of those mythical grey days here in Los Angeles... it seems like it only gets sunny in time for the sun to go down.

So we decided (well I actually did the deciding, the humans had no choice but to come along, eagerly hoping that I might really have to poop somewhere where they won't have to bend over and pick it up) to visit the park in Echo Park. We actually walk there a lot, but as mom can be lazy and dad isn't smart enough to use her camera, it hasn't been widely documented for your viewing pleasure.

It is actually really lovely here - flowers and plants all starting to bloom - and as it's my first spring mom and dad have been telling me all about the plants that we pass (yeah, I pretend to care too) but you really cannot help but notice how beautiful the colors are.

This is me in response to the standard yelling of my name by the humans... I'm doing my patented "ok, I'll look at you... what do you want... no really, tell me what you want or I'm not coming over there... ok you don't want to tell me so I'll just forget that you called in the first place" routine.

I found this weird, spiky thing and of course tried to eat it. Let me offer a PSA to other doggies -- DON'T EAT THESE THINGS, VERY SPIKY.

Then we met up with some cute doggies, especially an adorable Basset Hound who was happy to show me how well he sings. I have to remember that for the next time I'm in the car and mom tries to tell me to be quiet.

Time for a quick drinkie and then it's back home. Dad is making pizza tonight, too bad I can't have any as I'm still not allowed to have any human food (damn pancreatitis).

I'll find something to steal, though, so don't cry for me Argentina...



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