Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

Today dad took me on my walk (no dog park again, grrrrrrr) and told me that it's Memorial Day. A day to honor soldiers who've fought in wars.

Well, that's a lot for a little Airedale to wrap his mind around. So we went to a WW1 memorial statue and I got to hear a little more.

Which got me thinking - anywhere that humans are, there are dogs right? So there must have been dogs in these "wars". So I searched around the internet a bit and actually found a lot of information about how Airedales were there a lot... because of our intelligence and ability to "get the job done".

These are some cool photos that I found while I was searching for information about some of the amazing contributions that dogs have made to the military... Happy Memorial Day everybody!



See all of my memorial-able photos on my other blog:

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