Sunday, May 21, 2006

Shave and a Haircut... Two Bits

Well no one expected this to be "the big day" but it definitely was... (yes, that's a ball of my hair bigger than mom's head)

This morning at the dog park, one of mom's friends (she's the mom of the 3 Airedales who are my weekend buddies) gave her 2 funny-looking metal things with chewed handles. I didn't understand the significance of these objects and went about my morning routine - running after some tail and being part of the Airedale welcoming committee. I've also been tending to my funky paw, but so far it doesn't look like it's going to fall off so hopefully I'm avoiding another trip to the vet.

Once we pulled into the parking lot at home, dad suddenly had the two objects. Once I got out of the car, he ran one of them down my back and pulled out a huge clump of fur. Didn't hurt a bit, I just thought it was odd. Then he did it again. And again. And again. Now mom got in on the game and before I knew it we were all sitting in the parking lot next to mom's car giving me my first trim. Those thingys are hand strippers, apparently this is the way to true Airedale beauty.

So we were all just laughing in the parking lot, and then mom held up a huge ball of mostly-black fur the size of her head. Wow, that's a lotta fuzz. Did that all come off of me? Must be...

Shave and a Haircut Shave and a Haircut Shave and a Haircut

The humans decided it might be the right time to take our little operation upstairs. I actually found the grooming quite soothing as I'm really used to being brushed all the time (and then getting to bite the brush afterwards to signal that I think I'm "done") and actually slept during most of it. First I slept on one side, then when mom tried to turn me over I grunted, then fell asleep on my other side so she could get some fuzz from there too.

She says she's not done yet - they had to pull out a book to make sure they were doing this reasonably correctly - but I look amazing. I have a neck now, separate from my body and head (not all connected like I was before) and it's been noted that I'm not fat at all... I think I look good even if I'm not "done" yet.

Mom is dying to post some "after" photos but it's been dark and raining here ALL DAY so the pictures aren't beautiful. Of course this means that the world cannot see them yet because I just cannot afford to have awful paparazzi-type shots of me not in my finest circulating out there on the internet. Sort of like being shot without my makeup or with something hanging out that shouldn't be hanging out.

So she's promised that tomorrow's update will include some new portraits of my beauty. Sorry for the delay - I will eat some cat poop to punish mom right now.



See all of my hair-raising photos on my other blog:


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