Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

This is dedicated to my Airedale mom, Lady Bella.

I had no idea that today was Mother's Day, or in fact that that means anything at all. My mom, Lulu, well I've always kind of thought of her as my only mom... but as she explained to me today, well she's a "different" (human) kind of mom than a "real" (doggie) mom.

There was a beautiful Airedale named Lady Bella who is my real doggie mom back in Virginia. She's the one that had me and my 14 brothers and sisters, nursed me, taught me my first lessons, and got me all prepared to go out into the big world to find adventure.

Without you Lady Bella, my mom and dad in Los Angeles wouldn't be nearly as happy. They talk to me a lot about how they were waiting for me, so I guess it was a good thing that you decided to do the wild thing with my real dad, Sir Hannibal.

Thanks for being such a frisky girl - mom and dad here say thanks too!!!



Go give your mom a hug today like I do... & check out my other blog:
(mom's LOVE it!!!)

Oh, and today was my 9 month birthday - woo hoo!

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