Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just Say No

Wow, did I ever give the humans a scare today...

Mom was working in her office and dad was out... I was in the living room. They figured I'd probably be sleeping as we had a big walk today because the dog park is closed for a few mornings - they're doing construction work there - so we went for a long walk around the Silver Lake reservoir. I was tired of course, but not that tired...

So mom came out of her office looking for a snack and what did she see? Me, with dad's prescription bottle in my mouth, the plastic chewed into tiny pieces. She yelled and ripped it out of my mouth (of course I did protest) and then ran around trying to find the top. I had cleverly placed that in a different part of the room for later use. Then she went looking for the medicine inside and didn't find any. She got really, really upset, was looking down my throat, and looking all over the living room for the missing tablets. But she didn't know if there were any tablets in there or not, because they're dad's.

Dad got home just a little while later and mom asked if he still had medicine. He said yes so now they both panicked. They called the vet to ask what horrible things could happen to me if I ate about 15 blood pressure pills and the vet calmed them down (well, kinda). They figured they'd wait for awhile, watch me pee like a racehorse, then if things got bad they'd take me to the vet.

Then mom picked up the prescription bottle to look at it... it was dated March of this year. Odd, she thought, that's a few months ago. She asked dad... are you sure this is your current prescription bottle?? So dad had to run around and check...

So to make a long story slightly shorter -- the bottle I chewed was old and didn't have any medicine in it. Dad found his current one and it was un-chewed. So I didn't get a super-duper dose of blood pressure pills. I just looked at them oddly when they got really excited... but I happily accepted the extra hugs.

So Bogie says, Just Say No to (chewing the bottles of) Drugs!



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