Friday, May 05, 2006

Old Navy's New Mascot

Bogart Old Navy

Today mom dragged my cute tushie down to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to the Old Navy Casting Call. For some reason she thinks that I should be their new mascot. Well, while I will certainly agree that I'm pretty enough and quite dashing when I want to be, I wasn't in complete agreement about standing around in the midday sun with lots of other canines waiting in line to have my picture taken.

I'm far more used to being the star anyway - being the sole focus of the picture-taking - so waiting around didn't really suit me well. Mom was chatting with lots of interesting people and I was being admired all around (which I love, as you know), but lets just say that I was getting "ants in my pants" so we didn't stay.

Mom already entered me in the contest online so it wasn't a total loss. Just too damn exciting with all those other dogs, and for whatever reason (I cannot imagine) they didn't want to all play with me.

Ah well. Suit yourselves. I got my free treats. And I already know I'm the cutest...



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