Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tag... I'm It!

Today I was presented with a shiny new copper-colored nametag. My old tag had gotten very worn out (can't imagine how that happened) and you couldn't read it (well, those of you who actually can read - that's not high on my to-do list) anymore. So I needed a new one.

Mom had to blur out our telephone number - and a good thing too - otherwise my fans would be calling me day in and day out, wanting advice, asking personal questions, and generally getting a little piece 'o me. And until I learn how to operate the telephone (believe me, I'm working on it) it just won't be a good thing. If everytime someone calls and it's for me and not for mom, she will start to get cranky.

Mom went to Petco WITHOUT ME (bitter, party of one) but I was pleasantly surprised that she sprang for the Deluxe model rather than the cheapie. The copper tone goes really well with my fuzz, better than the old red one or with the cheapie super-goldtone one that I thought she would get.

So in a bid to forgive her for not taking me along, I allowed her to take me for a long walk outside. It's really hot again today, so I did take pity on her and waited to enforce this until later in the day. Hence some of the shadows in the pictures.

I really like to run through the tall grass - well what's left of it - it's getting very brown now and is almost gone compared to what it was a few weeks ago.

This is where I get my foxtails picked out - the first picking, a final one happens once we're back in the house - to avoid another trip to anaesthesia-land. I'm all for that and stand at attention while mom picks away. But first she has to remind me and coerce me down the incline.

Yes, I DO love my new tag mom, thanks for making me look good in front of my buddies!



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