Thursday, June 29, 2006

Loving the Mailman

Well, first day post-foxtail, and I must say that I'm definitely a little woozy-er than I was the last time this happened. It might have something to do with the heat - it's verrrrrrrrry hot here now - making me antsy but tired. I was definitely feeling a little sorry for myself this morning.

But then there was a knock at the door - which I answered with my best big boy bark to let mom know that someone was there - so mom opened the door and there was a package. No mailman (I've already scared away a few others with my big, booming voice, they throw the package down and run... amateurs) just a package. Mom picked it up and then looked at me.

It's for you Bogart!

Wheeeeeeeee! I had no idea that I could actually receive a package but there it was... addressed to me (address blurred so that the pupperazzi don't find me at home with curlers in my hair of course). Mom handed it to me and I naturally ripped it open... something smelled awfully good inside.

It was a Greenie! A big one! FOR ME!!!!!

I looooooove my Greenies. I was jumping, and doing my Aire-dance, wiggling my butt like James Brown. Mom opened the package for me and there it was in all it's Greenie-ness...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the coupons are FASCINATING mom if you say so...

It took only a few minutes to devour that beautiful Greenie, but at least that was a few minutes that I wasn't thinking at all about my sore paw.

Thank you Greenies! That was an awfully nice free sample that I got!



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