Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Riding the Foxtail-Go-Round

Ok, I feel like crap. Mom was pointing the camera in my face but lets just say that I didn't feel much like being photographed (odd, I know). I think my fur looks funny after a day of recouperation.

Yes, I did have another foxtail, it's official. I got to see my very favorite vet again, and was all excited when he came into the room. Until I realized that this meant I was going back to the place with the mask that makes me all woozy. And then waking up with my paw hurting more than it did when I went in, and all confused.

Luckily mom didn't make me wait long, she came and scooped me up not long after I woke up. I was so excited to see her I almost busted a stitch or two. Whew - I didn't - so we went outside where I quickly took the opportunity to poop. Then she helped me get into the Bogart-mobile and took me right home. I'm on happy puppy pain medication now, so I'm sleepy and suddenly that throbbing in my paw doesn't seem so bad...

More tomorrow on the evils of foxtails once I wake up (I anticipate LOTS of sleeping)...



1 comment:

kelly said...

bummer...dude! another one!
you need some slippers for your

hope your pops is healing well...