Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Wow, does this summer thing ever end? I mean, I know that it's technically just started but..... DAMN. It's warm. Ever-lovin' warm. Way-too-freaking warm. If I could sweat like you humans do I'd be perpetually damp, but luckily for mom it's mostly concentrated on my fabulous beard.

We did go for a stroll in the park later this afternoon - thankfully mom is as afraid of the noontime sun as I am, so we don't venture out at high noon anymore.

This means more sleeping time for me, which I'll happily take advantage of.

I kept asking the horses how they do it... everytime I come over here to visit them they're outside in the hot sun. And they don't seem particularly bothered, they're just cool characters.

After the mini-romp in the park mom threw me back in the car (yes, I didn't want to get inside it was even hotter in that all-black VW capsule she calls a car) and we went over to the Silverlake Car Wash. Mom kept threatening to turn on the water with the windows open so that she could wash the car and me at the same time... I say BRING IT ON MOM, I need to cool down. But then she didn't. Oddly enough sanity overcame her (which doesn't happen all that often) and she just got quarters for laundry.

But mom, I'm up for it if you wanna give me the car wash treatment next time!!!



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Georgie said...

Bogart is a handsome devil!