Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aha Grasshopper

Gee, I thought today was going to be uneventful. It started out with the “June Gloom” that I’ve become verrrry fond of… keeps it from getting boiling hot here and making me pant.

Then we had to go to the mechanic because mom’s car sort-of overheated last night when she went out with one of her friends (that’s what you GET mom, for leaving me at home while you go out to party!).

For some strange reason I am suddenly very afraid of the mechanic and his dog, Ferocious. She was really MY GIRL for quite awhile, but now that I haven’t seen her for a bit I was really, really nervous so I opted to stay in the car. After dad pulled me out against my will, we drove home in his car to wait for the Beetle to get fixed.

Apparently mom is crazy (in more ways than one) because the mechanic couldn’t find anything wrong with her car or tell her why the evil overheating light went on. But he did figure out what was wrong with the drivers’ side lock, so we went to the Volkswagen dealer to buy a part. I really, really wanted to go inside with mom and dad, I thought I could be very helpful in persuading the parts guy to maybe give us a discount, but alas I had to sit in the car. Again, thank you June Gloom.

But then it cleared up so a hike in the park was in order! I ran into a lot of doggies today (looks like a lot of dogs had the same idea to drag their humans into the park today) which was great fun. And all of them were friendly and didn’t seem to mind my enthusiasm.

Then something really funny happened. A giant bug landed on dad’s shoulder! He looked around at first like something had hit him, but before he could see what it was mom pulled out her camera and was taking pictures. Cool, huh? Of course don’t get that thing anywhere near me, thank you very much…

So at home dad and I snuggled nose-to-nose. He’s the BESTEST dad…



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