Sunday, June 25, 2006

Harnessing Bogie Energy

Ah, the dog park. I haven't been able to indulge in some canine interaction on a regular basis for awhile now since dad fell and hurt his paw. I mean, mom takes me a few times a week and all, but it's never a guarantee these days as there are soooo many things that she has to take care of.

So this morning I woke her up bright and early (oh, I'm sure she likes it) and dragged her butt to the dog park. At first we were the only ones there! Woo-hoo! An all Airedale park just for me!!!!!! But then other dogs and people showed up, and I actually was really relaxed and just played with everyone.

It didn't even bother me today when Dave was sucking up to mom at the same time that I was trying to!

Of course the biggest disappointment was that my Airedale buddies weren't there... Kermit seems to have something in his paw (gosh, I hope it's not a foxtail!!!) and since he wasn't feeling well they didn't make it. Hope you're all better soon Kermit!!! I need you to kick my butt around and make me run at the dog park!!!

On the way home I could tell that mom was up to something. She had that evil glint in her eye. Made me a little nervous. And my fears were confirmed: she pulled out a new car harness for me to wear that she got on one of her last trips to the adult Disneyland: Target.

While I have to admit that it's pretty sporty, I'm not really thrilled about wearing it. It's a size large and just barely fits around my manly muscled chest. And the bit that goes into the seat belt just isn't long enough for a big dog, so mom is going to get crafty and rig up something herself (uh oh) so that I can sit, stick my head out of the window, and not go flying through the windshield if she has to stop quickly. Apparently every other person driving a car here in Los Angeles is an idiot and doesn't know how to drive (according to mom) so we have to be careful.

I suppose I appreciate the concern...



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