Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Bad Break

It's been an awful day.

First I got into a few little "disagreements" with two Rottweilers at the dog park this morning. So rather than having them escalate into something serious, mom and dad took me out and we had a long walk. That was ok.

Then for my afternoon walk, dad took me for a long one. We got to run through the sprinklers and everything! But then dad had a really bad accident... he fell down an incline in the mud and broke his leg. He had to call mom and an ambulance, it was crazy! Mom got there super fast to take care of dad (and we were in the middle of the park and she found us!).

I stayed with dad the whole time and sat like a good boy. I could tell that he was hurting and he needed me to take care of him. So I did, I stayed right next to him the entire time. Then when mom came she took my leash and we both let the firemen take care of dad.

Mom just got home (it's really late for her to get home) and told me that dad is going to be ok. He's having surgery like I did when I had my foxtail removed, but his is bigger and hurts more.




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