Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nature Boy

Portland is FULL of parks. The humans here are pretty darned smart about setting aside LOTS of areas for hiking, walking, and biking in nature. Today I visited another new one for me - Forest Park.

This park is HUGE in comparison to the forest area that I walk in everyday. Over 30 miles of trails!

See all of those beautiful colors? We were all so impressed with the trees and the leaves... this is still my first real autumn where the seasons actually experience some change (back in Los Angeles it would go from really hot to just-sort-of-hot and there really weren't any leaves to speak of).

Some crazy growing stuff - it's like a rainforest out here! Come to think of it, it was raining as we were walking so I guess that makes sense.

That whole blue area is the Forest Park trails. It is so freaking cool.

The smells are OUTRAGEOUS! My button nose was twitching the whole time at the olfactory overload I was experiencing.

Hard to see in these photos, but there was a great view from this high vantage point of the river...

And there are DOGS - lots of dogs - who also had the fantastic idea of walking through the trails on a rainy day such as this. Check out this guy - I was completely digging him (even tho I'm not always nice to boy dogs when I first meet them)...

We did lots of jumping, sniffing, and play bows, I was sad when he had to leave to go up the trail as we were going down. Sorry I didn't get your name buddy, hopefully our paths will cross again...

Walkie = hungrie. Here I am being escorted out of the Bogcedes as we decided to stop for a little snackie.

Check this out - remember the backseat cover that I received and reviewed a little while back? Well today dad was super happy that we had it - look what my paws and butt did to the seat! We've gotta recommend it all over again as a great item, all of the wetness and mud got caught on the seatcover and not the nice leather seats...

Ah, St. Honore cafe. It's a lovely place with yummy food. Dad and I waited as mama went inside to place our order. I get to guard mama's spot whenever she's not at the table - it's the least I can do.

Another fine day as a Nature Boy here in Portland. And it feels SO GOOD...



Chez Bogart

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Kirby said...

Hey Bogart!

You sure are one with nature out there in Portland! What a cool park with all those trails and all that nature!! Keep enjoying all that Mother Nature brings to you!

Your pal,

Maggie and Mitch said...

Whoa! Those are some great stains, Bogie! You might consider submitting that photo to Joe Stains for one of his sought-after Stain awards!
We sure wish we could join you on your many hikes! We love hikes too!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch