Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

First, a big wet sloppy kiss (complete with wet stringy beard) to all of my special Valentines! And then another one to all of my boy dog friends (because I'm equal opportunity)!

The picture above is Kafka the tabby and Behemoth the grey spotty guy, two of the cats that share my home. Kafka is lying on his heart-shaped pillow (did you notice that he's managed to get all 3 pillows into his bed? one of those used to be mine....). Appropriate for Valentines Day, I thought.

So back to the things that make the heart go pitter patter. Mom and dad took me out to see my very FAVORITE pals in the entire world, those fabulous Airedales, Robin, Kermit and Jupie! I had a special present for Jupie (she's the only girl) that I just had to give her in person... some of my other Valentines have already received theirs, this was the only one I got to "paw-deliver".

I always have a HUGE amount of fun running around with the other Dales and today was no exception.

Since it was Valentine's Day, and I am a young unneutered male, my thoughts turned almost immediately to l-o-v-e... and that meant Jupie.

Hey, I'll try to hump the boys too but they're not quite as tolerant as Jupie is, and they don't smell as nice.

So I worked my magic on her and she must have known that it was Valentines Day as well for she actually let me get some good humping in before kicking me off and running away. Heaven!

Mom and Dad really LOVE the Dales too at Mareike's house - it's always fun for them to talk with her and tell stories while I'm running around humping everything in sight.

They're really my very BEST BUDDIES in the whole world, and I always have a SUPER GREAT time playing with them.

Nice clean teeth from regular bone eating - I aspire to this, as well as the lush, full beard.

After a lot of time running around in the sunny afternoon, it was time to go home. Unfortunately I really didn't want to go yet, but since I was wearing my green adventure harness, it was easy for mom and dad to "persuade" me that we had to leave. Not my choice, Mareike! I'd stay and play with your dogs ALL THE TIME if my evil mom and dad would let me...

So I arrived home and got the mail, and what do I see first.... it's a Valentine from Snickers!!!! I was soooooo excited, I tore it open immediately and wanted to pose with it. Thank you Miss Snickers, you gorgeous WFT, you, and YES I WILL BE YOUR VALENTINE!!!

So much fun... gotta go have a power nap now. I hear those are good for humans...



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Cairo The Boxer said...

Don't forget to give your boxer friend a kiss.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Bogart,
I think you have got the true meaning of Valentine's Day - with all the 'loving' you gave Jupie!!
Hope it was a terrier-fic day for you..

Maggie said...

Glad you got your nookie for Valentine's day Bogie! heheheh

Love ya lots,

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Hey Bogart,

That orange kitty looks like he should be named Behemoth. He looks scary.

Looks like you had some appropriate Valentine activity. Good for you (I guess--though I don't allow any humping or sniffing for that matter, I know some gal-dogs go for that kind of thing)

See ya

Wired for Mackie said...

Bogart does that mean there will be little Bogarts running around soon??? (Please dont tell my mom if so, because she wants an Airedale so bad and we just don't have the room for another big dog...that is unless someone can figure out what to do with my stinky big brother Ollie!)heheheheh!