Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bogart in Hollywood

Today, in anticipation of the most important awards of the year - The FIDOs - I dragged mom and dad to the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood to soak up a little adoration and get into the award spirit.

We walked all along Hollywood Boulevard in front of the theatre where all of the stars of that “other” awards show will be tomorrow. In front of Mann’s Chinese Theatre, all along the street, lots of commotion and lots of people.

Including Elvis.

And Frankenstein.

And Chewbacca.

I didn’t see anyone I recognized (guess they’re all getting fluffed and folded today) but I did have a star sighting of a sort - I saw Angelyne’s pink corvette (if you know anything about Los Angeles, you’ll know that she is an ICON) and posed with that. No Angelyne, but this was pretty close.



Jackson said...

I like your film. I wish J1 & J2 weren't such luddites and could work out how to do stuff like that! Thanks for your message about my surgery next week. Keep your paws crossed for me! Your pal, J x

Maggie said...

You always have the neatest experiences Bogie! I sure wish I could hang with you for a week!

Love ya lots,

Dean-O! said...

Hey Bogart HD! Just love that pink Corvette. Did you get to take a ride?

Sundae said...

Did ya hook up some preeeety girls? :D

Schniblet said...

Oh Bogart! I'm jealous! My mum & dad went to Hollywood this weekend, but without me!! They claimed that they never went there before so they didn't know it was ok to bring me! I was very upset when they got home & decided to be unruly for most of the evening!
Airejealous of you!