Monday, February 19, 2007

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I'm a LUCKY dog... I got to celebrate Chinese New Year with my girl Heidi!!! Her mom is from China, so she made a gigantic shabu-shabu dinner for some friends and we all got some...

I've never had such thinly-sliced meat before - at first I wasn't sure if I ate a piece or not (mom said I actually inhaled it without chewing!) so of course I had to have a second piece. And a bit of what Heidi was eating.

We had fun running around while the humans were talking and laughing. I kept stealing Heidi's stuffed horse and teasing her with it. That's a particularly fun game because she runs with me all around the house and then right through the dog door to the outside... I've got a good system going, an excellent circle that I run with her running after me. Then we do a little bitey-face - I try to bite her cheeks and she tries to bite my goatee - and then we make cute faces for the humans for some more shabu-shabu. No pictures because it was dark and apparently mom isn't all that great in photographing gorgeous dogs in the dark.

Mmmmmmm... Happy New Year everyone!!!!



To Aire is Divine


Maggie said...

What kind of meat is shabu shabu???? I guess it must be yummy if you inhaled it!

Love ya lots,

Bogart said...

You can have all kinds apparently, we had super thinly sliced beef, lamb, and chicken.

Yummy indeed - you swirl it around in the hot soup for a short time and it's cooked... once it's a tiny bit cool then you inhale!