Monday, February 19, 2007

Viva Italia!

I've just tasted something so wonderful, so unusual, and so fun that I just had to share.

Mom was eating some spaghetti (just a little butter and some fresh parmesan cheese) and I was watching, curious as to exactly what it was. So she offered me a fork-full, apparently expecting that I would show little to no interest in it. Well she was WRONG. Not only did I show interest, but I ate the entire thing!

I know the photos look a bit SCARY - I thought so too once I saw them - but it's only because it's night time here. I have to say that I'm getting quite the education this week on human eating implements - the other day it was chopsticks (with my shabu shabu) and today it's a fork. But indeed, I always get the food so however the humans want to serve it to me, well that's just fine...



To Aire is Divine


faya said...

Hello. VĂ©ronique use to give me my spagheti with tomatoes sauce (I have to go back to school for my english)... but no cheese.... miam miam .....

Maggie said...

OONIES!!!!!! I love oonies! I don't care what kind of sauce they have on them! Mom feeds me off a fork too! She says I'm not as grabby because the fork will poke me! Mom is right! They sure look yummy Bogie!

Love ya lots,