Monday, February 13, 2006

Where's Bogart, or Spot the Airedale

Today I was in an impish mood.

Mom took me for a little walk in the park behind our house after the morning visit to the doggie park. She let me off the leash for a moment, and walked ahead.

I stayed behind, at first pretending to be interested in a passing twig, or a blowing leaf. I let her get just a little bit ahead of me, and then...

I hid behind a tree.

I thought she could see me, so I turned my head the other way.

Aw shucks, she found me!

Guess I'll just have to turn on the Airedale charm...


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Mareike said...

I thought I left a comment about how I could lose my job because of this blog. I could look at it all day. I keep it available and go through it over and over. I'm in love (with my guys and bogie. I have to keep telling myself that three is plenty)