Thursday, February 23, 2006

Levi in Repose

This is Levi. He’s one of my buddies at the dog park. I am in complete awe of his ability to lay like this - legs completely splayed, paws perfectly caressing the mushy football.

And this is after running after balls the entire morning! Go Levi!

Dad found a great place for dogs like Levi who like to run and like to herd to go - the Drummond Ranch, where dogs can run and play with sheep and herd them! I personally can't understand the allure, but hey, I'm a terrier.


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Harrison said...

Ahem...certain terriers were 'specially bred to herd sheep. See, we're small enough to run across the backs of a millin' herd, drop into the middle, and cut out the designated sheep. Really. Don't expect to see me doin' any of that, though. I grew up on a cattle ranch so I stick to bulls.