Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Pickle

Today mom and dad took me to Corner Bakery in Pasadena... we sat outside and I was feeling rambunctious. I was barking at pigeons (a new obsession), little crying annoying babies, and things blowing in the wind. Just normal stuff.

I didn't want to stop and didn't listen when dad told me to. I even jumped into mom's lap and tried to grab a potato chip off of her plate, just to see how far I could push dad.

So dad thought that he'd be a smartass and feed me a pickle. He was sure that I would hate it and make the most amusing Airedale face ever made. Mom quickly got her camera ready, and here is the result:

Yes of course I like pickles - silly humans - no funny faces for you! Just a slightly X-rated show from me for the locals (remind me to remember that my manhood can be used to effectively embarrass lots of humans, once I can learn to control it a little better - right now it has a mind of its own, and appears at both opportune and inopportune moments).


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