Saturday, February 11, 2006

Walking My Paws Off...

OK mom and dad, do you remember how it felt to be growing? I'm just about 6 months old now, and I'm s-t-i-l-l g-r-o-w-i-n-g. A lot. Fast. First up, then out. And yes, it kinda hurts!

But nooooooooooo.... you're still going to drag me around everywhere.

I love the dog park in the mornings - dad calls it "puppy kindergarten" - but then more walking in the incredible Los Angeles heat (apologies to those on the east coast who are blanketed with snow right now...).

Puppy Kindergarten photos, quite the cast of characters this morning:

(Franklin, the Weimaraner-Poodle mix I told you about)

(That's Dante, he's an old boy who is really sick, but the nice people took him in so he could be happy in his last days - he's a very cool doggie)

(that's Miso, she's the boss of the dog park!)

The "more walking" time later this afternoon:

Lets start out with crossing that silly Caution area. They couldn't possibly mean me...

A little stickwork always impresses the ladies....

Yeah, yeah, ok it was FUN. But I'm still mighty tired....



blueadt said...

Hi Boggie

Please be really careful with sticks. Our Mum had another Airedale before us called Libby. Libby used to retrieve sticks & once tore the entire length of her tongue on a stick which landed in the ground.

So we're not allowed them at all :-(

Blue & Annie

Mareike said...

It's so much fun to look at your blog. I love seeing the pictures of our dog park and so many of my doggie friends and now I can have my friends back east look at my dog park and tell them about the different dogs they see.

Mareike said...

Oh, lest you don't know I am the "nice lady" you met with three Dales

Bogart said...


I LOVE playing with your Dales!!!! Mom was really happy too to meet you today, she'd only seen pictures of me playing with your furry bundles of love and today was the first day she could see them in person!

I'm sure we'll see each other a lot!

Lulu, Bogart & Klaus

Cat and Curly said...

Hi Boggie, Mareike sent Me your blog so I could see her aire posse.
You cute little devil you. I thought you were really suave with that stick and I am duely impressed by your greatness. We live in the mnts of NC and have a nice doggie park to but very rare to see any Airedale pups never mind a posse. Curly is a Airedale and if we get her a brother we will have to be the posse. ps maybe your mom will join the airedale list serve and get to talk to lots of other uprights owned by Airedales.. Sending big nose pokes your way.. Cat and Curly