Saturday, February 04, 2006

I'm Not Lovin' It

Today was going to be fun. Mom and dad were puttering around the house, wondering what to do on a relatively nice Saturday afternoon.

Mom suggested going to Melrose Avenue to a cafe, somewhere that we could all sit outside and watch fun people walk by. I was all for it, as long as they were planning to take me along - so we hopped in the car (actually they had to pick me up and push me inside, but that's because I saw Scruffy, the old stray cat that mom feeds, and I was "distracted").

They told me to sit inside while mom fed Scruffy and Yodel (the other stray cat that they feed all the time). So I did. I just wanted to watch, that's all...

So then we drove on the crazy freeway to Melrose. On the way we were listening to the radio and they had a program about Johnny Cash. Mom was singing along to all of the songs (apparently she was tortured by long car rides as a child with her father singing Johnny Cash songs so she knows them all by heart). Then we got to Melrose and parked.

The first choice was the Vienna Cafe, but they were too crowded. Nowhere to sit outside with an Airedale that needs to be admired. So second choice - Johnny Rockets.

My second time here actually, but I was distracted by a cute Pug that wanted nothing to do with me. I thought that dad was going to give me some of his food, but no luck. When mom asked him about it, he said that "today should be Bogie's first hamburger day" and mentioned something about a Mc-place? Ok, dad....

So we got into the car again after walking around for awhile and drove to McDonalds. It's a brightly-colored ghastly place with screaming children and glum-looking parents. I didn't care for the smell, either, which isn't like me (hey, I do eat dog and horse poop after all).

But then mom brought out a bag just for me. Dad was going to do the honors of serving me my first hamburger (ok, it was a cheeseburger technically).

I approached the object tentatively at first, not sure exactly what it was. It smelled like it could be edible, but I wasn't sure, even after biting it cautiously on the side.

Mom and dad concluded from this little experiment that it's true - McDonalds must use absolutely no meat in their hamburgers - because even a dog who will eat anything didn't really want to eat this.


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