Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Peeing Like the Big Boys

Today I've become a man.

Not just a pup, but a man. Tonight at about 10:30 mom was taking me for my last walk of the day... a very normal event, nothing exciting. Sometimes she doesn't even put on regular clothes, just throws a sweatshirt over her counting sheep pajamas (mom, we're really going to have to talk about that someday). It's dark, there is usually no one else around, I just run out to my favorite peeing spot and do my business.

Well tonight I felt something... an urge, an itch, it was unexplainable - something just wasn't right anymore.

And with mom watching in those damn counting sheep pajamas, I did it - I LIFTED MY LEG TO PEE. That's right - peeing like the big boys. Apparently I'm right-pawed as I lifted my back right leg to pass my nightly water. Not on a tree, or against a fence, no sir-ee bob - but just letting it fly into the wind. Like a fuzzy tripod.

Of course with it being so dark out at night mom couldn't take a proper picture. Not to mention there wasn't anywhere convenient for her to carry her camera - not in those counting sheep pajamas! So there is no record of this great event, just the tale...

That's right, I've passed over into manhood - no more peeing "bitch"...


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