Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Peeps

I got to run in the doggie park again this morning - yeah! - mornings are really great, all of the doggies and the people are really nice. I think I have mom and dad convinced that this is the best time to take me there on a regular basis (even tho it's really hard for mom to wake up - I've found the 2 paws to the chest and enthusiastic face-licking technique works best).

And today the AIREDALES were there! Whee!!!!! They're teaching me lots of things, especially how to welcome other dogs into the doggie park. Who is cool to play with. And a little bit about humping.

(welcoming the newcomers - all at once is very important)

(who to play with - seems to be a good thing to know)

(mom being taught the proper way to worship the Airedale)

I really like hanging out with the Airedale posse - they're cool and I have a LOOOOOOT to learn...



Mareike said...

today this blog was a great comfort to me. I had written to the Airedale list asking what folks thought about someone coming in carrying a dog in her arms. My guys wanted to know who this was and jumped up to get a good sniff. The woman got really upset so I called them and we left. The first responses I got suggested that I should have better control of my dogs. I felt terrible. I thought it natural for dogs to want to investigate this newcomer. Anyway, seeing the pictures of our park, my guys and Bogie really made me feel good.

Mareike said...

since that I wrote and asked how many of them had Airedales who were totally under their control at all times, how many had Airedales who remained calm when visitors came to the house. I have gotten many supportive messages.
I love my dogs, and I don't think they are bad.

Bogart said...

Bogie and I can sincerely say that your dogs aren't bad! It's completely natural for dogs (all breeds, not just Airedales) to want to see who the newcomers are, and actually says a lot more about the other dog owner than you!